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We're a team that not only has success in competition; we change students' lives in positive ways.
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  • Brooke Ingram donated "go GET THEM" - via Adam Jenkins
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    Edco - $25 for Submitting NSDA Survey achieved

    Our team just earned $25 from Edco for submitting an NSDA survey!

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    Stax Inc. - Reach Out To 50+ Supporters NSDA Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just added and reached out to more than 50 supporters using Edco and earned $50 through the Stax Inc. - 50 Supporters NSDA Power Grant™.

    Thanks Stax for helping us reach our goal!

  • Holley Aplin donated "Maxwell Juhas"
  • Ruth Celletti donated "Good Luck Maxwell. Love Bbobbi"
  • Bradley Frailey donated "Wish I could go too! I know you will kill it!"
  • Timeline 50

    Stax Inc. - $50 for $250 NSDA Power Grant™ achieved

    Our team just raised $250 with Edco and earned another $50 through the Stax Inc. - $50 for $250 Matching Power Grant™.

    Thank you to our supporters for all your help!

  • Amanda Guinn donated "Way to go BW Speech Team!!" - via Adam Jenkins
  • Holly Hillier donated
  • Kevin Welch donated
  • Phillip McClary donated "Even though my son goes to Freeburg HS, a bit of my heart is always with my ole Alma Mater! Best of luck!"
  • richard m feazel donated "Go Emily and the rest of the team"
  • Bradley Potts donated
  • Usha Karathanos donated "Great job!"
  • Richard Mertens donated "Good luck at Nationals! You have made Belleville West very proud!"
  • Dina M Volkman donated "Congratulations on a Stellar year!! Can’t wait to see results from Nationals The Volkman’s "
  • Julie Graham donated "Go BWest go!! Don’t suck at Nationals! :)" - via Adam Jenkins
  • Lawrence Chase donated
  • Donald Chase donated "Good luck!"
  • Betty Jones donated "So proud of JoJo and all members of the team. Love, Gramma"
  • Vondell J. Burns donated "Speech was instrumental to my development. I'm forever grateful for the dedicated staff and students. #SpeechiesRUs" - via Adam Jenkins
  • Jaime Juhas and Jon Samples donated "Good luck, Maxwell!"
  • Robert Schmid donated "Go Belleville West Speech Team! Have fun, & be careful...equally."
  • John Rickert donated "Thanks for being an inspiration for all of us in SISAL! Go forth and represent!" - via Adam Jenkins
  • Shayla Berry donated "Speech will always be the best experience of my life. You are my family forever and always. Thank you." - via Adam Jenkins
  • Tia Hochstein donated "Good luck at Nationals! Happy to give back to a team that helped teach me so much, most of which I still use to this day" - via Adam Jenkins
  • Judith Kingston donated
  • Rachel Feazel donated
  • Belleville High School West has started online fundraising!

    Our team has officially started accepting credit card donations. We need awesome team members and donors like you to share this link and tell your community why you support Belleville High School West Speech & Acting Team!


  • Adam Jenkins is now a leader for the Belleville High School West Speech & Acting Team

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